Happy Are the Meek (Blackie Ryan, #1) Andrew M. Greeley


Published: 1985



Happy Are the Meek (Blackie Ryan, #1)  by  Andrew M. Greeley

Happy Are the Meek (Blackie Ryan, #1) by Andrew M. Greeley
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A classic locked room mystery in the Greeley universe. Its also the first Father Greeley mystery.It was in a proverbial locked room that Wolfe Quinlan died. They found him in his study, the only key in his pocket, and a suit of medieval armor over him, its sharp broadsword thrust through his ribs.He had been a man who loved life and took what he wanted from it, a man with many enemies.

On the night of his death, Wolfe Quinlan had angered everyone in his life - his abused wife, his alienated children, the mistress he refused to see, the business partner he had cuckolded, his not-too-honest lawyer, the mad priest whose devil worship cult Wolfe had violently disavowed.Under Blackie Ryans mild questioning, each will tell his or her story - and in these tales of twisted passions the priest will seek the clue to Wolfe Quinlans death.

(From book jacket)The book seems to be modeled after the Father Brown mysteries. Its fairly basic but an interesting story with some nice characters. If you like a light mystery, youll probably enjoy this.

If you like other Greeley books, youll probably like this as well.

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