Jupiters Rings John Strauchs


Published: October 14th 2011

Kindle Edition

420 pages


Jupiters Rings  by  John Strauchs

Jupiters Rings by John Strauchs
October 14th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 420 pages | ISBN: | 5.20 Mb

This is the sequel to the earlier novel, TidesJupiter Ring, a college professor and barely successful novelist and screenwriter is unable to accept the reality of aging. He meets a stunningly beautiful graduate student in her early twenties, Fawn Wallace. She is drawn to his cultured and literary life style, a sharp contrast to her plebian upbringing in Seattle by a crystal-channeling mother and wealthy, post-Hippy father, a Microsoft executive.Jupiter and Fawn are inextricably drawn into momentous events as the United States is pushed to the brink of ruin when fanatical killing finally appears in America and spreads like a pandemic.

It doesn’t come from Al-Qaeda, but is home grown. Hundreds of national leaders in government, commerce, and the military are assassinated by “Doomers,” a cult led by an insane but brilliant charismatic backwater “E-vangelist” whose true identity is a well-guarded secret. The preacher has unraveled the mystery of motivating suicide bombers. Hidden by the Internet, Reverend Gibril has thousands of followers who believe that the Rapture and the End of Days are near and that the shortcut to paradise is to rid the world of evil.

The Doomer movement is unwittingly aided by Jupiter who self-published a textbook, Suicide After Durkheim, that considers several paradoxes. Suicides are beyond law and consequences, so why do they rarely make their deaths have meaning. Why don’t they drag evil people with them into their graves? Moreover, would killing Hitler really be murder? Can social networking bring down a government?Death and chaos reach deep into the White House, threatening the presidency of the United States as key cabinet members are assassinated by the Doomers while an ambitious U.S.

Attorney General inches his way toward assuming the office of the presidency. When the national economy is about to collapse and military readiness is at an all-time low, Congress replaces the Patriot Act with the Minuteman Act, further shredding the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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