The Boogeymen


Published: April 20th 2014

Kindle Edition

398 pages

Description  by  The Boogeymen by The Boogeymen
April 20th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 398 pages | ISBN: | 6.38 Mb

Boys meet girl.Boys abduct girl.No filter.MUTUAL FRIENDS...Twenty years ago, four young boys became best friends at summer camp. Nicknamed The Boogeymen because of the scary ghost stories theyd recount to their bunkmates, they were inseparable.

Until one haunting night stamped a grisly finality on their last summer together. The Boogeymen had never spoken since.Because truth is stranger than fiction.PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW...But sometimes a ghost story is a love story in disguise. And in 2013, The Boogeymen - now living lonely, disenfranchised lives in different parts of the country - reconnect on Facebook.

After forging an online reunion, they hatch a plan to reunite in Canard Beach, Florida during a week of college Spring Break. Its an easy seduction: old friends, open minds, cold beer, and young girls.And what are strangers but friends waiting to happen?Dubbed Plan 9 from Cyberspace, The Boogeymen embark on a pilgrimage of pleasure in Canard Beach.

They capture a pretty college girl, and things spiral into the hideous realm of antisocial networking. A ghoulish crime occurs. A sinister cover-up ensues. Secrecies are sworn.Until now, what happens on Spring Break stays on Spring Break. But as The Boogeymen return to their homes, they have yet another frightening story to tell.In their own words...

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