Halfway In (Banging Neighbors 1-5) Erin Rose


Published: October 1st 2012



Halfway In (Banging Neighbors 1-5)  by  Erin Rose

Halfway In (Banging Neighbors 1-5) by Erin Rose
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The first half of the Banging Neighbors series. A secret billionaire lurks within the neighborhood. Could it be Mick? Alyssa must know. The mystery remains unsolved.Flying Solo 1Jasons new girlfriend, Janelle, is unsure of his troubled past. A past hed soon rather forget.In this erotic mystery Janelle enjoys a bit of solo fun in the shower while Jason watches, followed by a bit of steamy wet sex. In the morning Janelle is dreaming of someone else when Jason walks in.

What price will she pay to get him to stay? And who is the mysterious stranger invading her thoughts?Flying Solo 2Alyssa is having a hard time dealing with Micks constant travels. Trying to clear her head she bumps into the mysterious stranger Janelle has been telling her about. Getting him out of her mind to deal with Mick has been frustrating.

How will she manage a relationship when it goes against everything she has ever believed in?Midnight CallerMick and Alyssa are separated again due to his frequent departures through work. Mick will stop at nothing to make sure he and Alyssa remain satisfied through despite the distance. How far is Alyssa willing to go to make sure Mick is satisfied despite the distance?His Dominance. He Insists.Mick, has carried around a set of secrets. How will he explain it all to Alyssa without her running away in horror?Alyssa isnt sure what to think of Mick anymore.

Does he really have all this money? Shes starting to wonder if he is who he says he is. Google tells her yes, instinct tells her no.Mick wants Alyssa to pick him up at the airport but refuses to give her any information. Today, Alyssa has no idea Mick is about to test her limits.Almost UnwillingMick texts Alyssa, demanding she meet him at the mall.

When Alyssa spots him, he hides, leaving the two of them to play a game of hide-and-seek. Everything changes when Alyssa tries on a tiny leather dress and Mick follows her into the dressing room.Alyssa cant get enough of this mysterious man.

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